Movie Intro " Im The Plug " Myrtle The Movie Pt.2 HQ 2016 Rated PG-13

Movie Intro " Im The Plug " Myrtle The Movie Pt.2 HQ 2016 Rated PG-13 from youtube by ItsMookieTv
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Former drug dealer returns back to his home town after his money get low , he plans to get revenge on the people who set him up leading to him getting shot and robbed.

The Guns , Drugs and Money used in this movie are Props ( NOT REAL ) these Props was only used while filming this movie no criminal activity’s was taken place during the filming of this movie. This film is extremely violent and is not recommended to anyone under the age of 17.
Please do not try this at home.

Movie wrote , Produced and edited by Its Mookie
Camera Crew Its Mookie and Asia Ratchford

Its Mookie Starring As Khalil
Kaily Reid Starring As Andrea
Tay Reid starring As Officer Smith
Rodney Friday Starring as Officer Walker
Asia Ratchford Starring As Asia
Tomminique Crank Starring As 2-3-4
Nyah Gaye Starring As Yon
Tyrrell Pierce Starring As Streetz
Anton Classic Starring As Classic
J-hood Starring As J-hood
Meeka Jimenez Staring As Meeka
Tony SuckaFree Wins Starring As SuckaFree Montana
Dub Dollaz Starring As Double D
Ricky Cash Starring As Ricky Cashood
Cynt Starring As Malaysia
Rail Starring As Rail
Mandy Starring As Kim
Its Mookie – Want It All
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