Magnar 20x50 Compare Image Stabilizing Binoculars Advantages

Magnar 20x50 Compare Image Stabilizing Binoculars Advantages from youtube by One Imprint 3D
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The all new and improved Magnar 20x50 are one of the most powerful image stabilizing binoculars available. They are the only binoculars in the world that provide a resolution of three angular seconds of stabilization, which is over five times the degree of recognition range provided by other image stabilizing binoculars. This translates into a viewer being able to distinguish distant objects five times better than with most other image stabilizing binoculars. Designed to counteract the vibrations caused by moving air, hand tremors, land or sea vehicles, these binoculars use a passive mechanical noiseless stabilizer that instantly adjusts images to compensate for motion, unlike active stabilization which requires the use of batteries and gyros. The 50mm size of the lenses and x20 magnification make Magnar 20x50 a powerful set of binoculars that allow for stable high-resolution images and clarity under any motion and light conditions. Perfect for target shooting, boating, surveillance, sports, large events, concerts and outdoors.