Fallout 3.8 Fall In Part 4

Fallout 3.8 Fall In Part 4 from youtube by FALLOUTtvshow
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Gabriel starts giving everyone one last dream as Chris narrows in on who the killer is. Meanwhile, Ashley and Ben work on their own investigation, Brittany's secret comes to light, and Vanessa and Tim struggle with their relationship.

John Bogulski - Blake
Nigel Brown - Chad
Kelly Lynne Johnson - Laura
Andy Lisle - Tim
NIck Messersmith - Zach
Mimi Nguyen - Martha, Gabriel
Andrew Nixon - Max
Shane Simmons - Chris
Brittani Smith - Brittany
Leila Sutcliffe - Vanessa

Cari Bogulski - Theresa
JP Erickson - Ben
Tory Flack - Jenny
Kathleen Hession - Alyssa
Caitlin Hurban - Chelsea's Roommate
Katie Petersen - Chelsea
Maggie Scrantom - Ashley