Fallout 3.7 Jenny's Agenda Part 4

Fallout 3.7 Jenny's Agenda Part 4 from youtube by FALLOUTtvshow
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While Chad, Tim, and Vanessa try to figure out what Jenny's ghost wants, Chris and Zach pay a visit to Martha. Meanwhile, Brittany and Erin reluctantly work together and Blake tries to convince everyone that he is not the killer.

Executive Producers:
John Bogulski
Caitlin Hurban

John Bogulski - Blake
Nigel Brown - Chad
Amy Haeussler - Gina
Elise Johnson - Melony
Kelly Lynne Johnson - Laura
Andy Lisle - Tim
Nick Messersmith - Zach
Mimi Nguyen - Martha
Andrew Nixon - Max
Shane Simmons - Chris
Brittani Smith - Brittany
Leila Sutcliffe - Vanessa

Guest Starring:
Megan Enright - Lacy
Tory Flack - Jenny
Kyle Niemer - Brett