Every Once In A While (A Jonas Love Story) Chapter 45 Part 1

Every Once In A While (A Jonas Love Story) Chapter 45 Part 1 from youtube by MyJonasBrothersXOXO
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Chapter 45-

(In the kitchen with Nick and Virginia)
Nick- Okay, what do you want? Let's see, (opens fridge and freezer) there's ice cream and... JELLO! (grabs both and puts them on counter) Could you open these? I gotta do something. (walks out)
(Virginia lifts an eyebrow and shakes her head. She opens the dessert and puts them in bowls. Nick comes back in.)
Nick- YUM! (grabs a bowl and starts eating)
Virginia- What were you doing?
Nick- Huh? Me? Oh I was checking my blood sugar.
Virginia- Oh, yeah. (looks down at food)
Nick- Hey, what's wrong?
Virginia- How do you deal with that everyday? I could never do that.
Nick- It's not complicated. It's no biggie. Come on. It's ice cream and Jello! Eat it! (stuffs it into his mouth)
Virginia- (laughs) Yeah...
(Virginia puts a spoonful into her mouth and both of them look at eachother and smile. They quickly get up and run to the rest of the ice cream and Jello)

(In living room. Joe was humming the Jeopardy theme song while everyone was still in shock.)
Kevin- Geez, they get back together fast.
Joe- (starts humming Inseparable)
Ashley- Yep. I agree Joe.
Joe- (starts humming the barney song)
Ashley- (laughs) Yep, I love you too. (kisses his cheek)
Mari- I wonder what they are doing.
Joe- (gets up and starts acting like a spy while humming Mission Impossible)
Ashley- Joe, sit.
Joe- (humming drags off and sit down)
Ashley- I feel like sneaking up on them.
Joe- (hums Jaws)
Mari- I don't think that's a good idea.
Joe- (hums Pink Panther)
Ashley- Okay that was the most random thing you've done all day Joe.
Joe- (just smiles and starts humming Hollywood)

(In kitchen)
Virginia- WHEE! (slides on kitchen floor)
Nick- WHOOOOOOA! (throws more Jello on floor and slides)
(Virginia and Nick had made a Jello and ice cream slip and slide inside the kitchen, covering the floor and counters with dessert.)
Virginia- (eats some Jello) THIS IS SO FUN!
Nick- I KNOW! (slides again)
Virginia- AAAAAHH! (slides but crashes into Nick while he is trying to stand up, making him fall on top of her.)
Nick- (laughing and gets up) Next time wait until I'm not sliding.
Virginia- Oops. (gets up and throws some Jello at Nick)
Nick- HEY! (grabs a spoon of ice cream and flicks it at her)
(They fight, sending Jello and ice cream flying around the kitchen until their sugar-high selves crash on the floor an hour later.)
Virginia- I'm sooo tired...
Nick- Me too.
(They sit on the floor and fall asleep until morning, when Mari comes in)

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