Every Once In A While (A Jonas Love Story) Chapter 31 Part 1

Every Once In A While (A Jonas Love Story) Chapter 31 Part 1 from youtube by MyJonasBrothersXOXO
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Chapter 31-

(It is the day of the dance and everyone gets up. The dance was to start at 7pm and go on all night. Right now it's 5:45.)
Virginia- WHAT DO I WEAR?! (shuffles through suitcase)
Ashley- Here. (picks up a sparkly pink short strapless dress that went to about mid-thigh.)
Virginia- PERFECT! (runs into bathroom to put it on)
Jackie- How's this? (holds up a yellow spaghetti strap dress about to her knees)
Mari- Jackie! That's so pretty! Some boy is probably going to come up to you and ask to dance! (grabs a green dress out of her drawer and puts it on)
Jackie- Yeah right.
Ashley- Perfect! (grabs a blue dress and slips it on) Now, will someone help me do my hair please?
Virginia- (comes out) Yeah, sure, okay.
Jackie- I need to do my hair too.
Mari- And me!
(They do their hair and makeup for what seems like hours. Finally, they all finished and stepped out of their room at exactly 6:56.)

(With boys at 6:50)
Joe- Are they out yet?
Nick- (peeks out door) Not yet.
Kevin- Guys, calm down, they'll be out any second now.
Joe- (yawns) For now, I'm gonna sleep. (lays on bed)
Nick- Dude, you're gonna get your suit all wrinkled!
Joe- Shut up, it's just a dance.
Nick- Don't break anything.
Kevin- (laughs)
Joe- (sulks) Shut up.
Nick- Oh! The door ope—(sigh)
Joe- WHAT?! (looks out door and sighs)
Kevin- (rolls eyes and peeks out door) What are you guys—(sighs)
Nick- (snaps out of it) Okay, come on drooly and droolier.
Joe- Yeah... (walks out and stares at Ashley)
Kevin- (follows behind gaping at Mari)
Nick- So. (holds out his arm) Virginia, will you come with me?
Virginia- (giggles) Yes. (links arms with him and walks out)
Jackie- I'm out. (takes fingers points to the door and walks out)
Kevin- Mari?
Mari- (smiles) Of course.
Joe- (dazed) H...Ash...dance...
Ashley- Yeah! (hugs him)
Joe- (snaps out of it) Oh, sorry. You look...
Ashley- Is it that bad?
Joe- No, you look, beautiful. (he goofily smiles and walks out with Ashley)
(At dance, just before it starts. The place was packed with the other campers. Nick kept side-glancing at people giving him weird looks.)
Nick- I think people are recognizing me. So, what are you doing after camp?
Virginia- I...I don't know. Well, I know I'm going to Uncle Tom's for a while. Well, until the service for our mom, (her voice broke slightly at 'mom') then maybe we'll live at Tom's for a while, then I don't know. Maybe I'll go to school there. I don't know. Why?
Nick- Um, I don't know. I was thinking... maybe you would want to go on a REAL date sometime.
Virginia- I'd like that. (smiles)
(The music started playing and coincidentally, S.O.S. by the Jonas Brothers came on.)
Virginia- Recognize this song?
Nick- (blushes HARD)
Virginia- Cute. (dance with Nick)

Joe- (when S.O.S. came on) Um... wanna dance?
Ashley- Would I miss the chance?
Joe- (smiles) Come on. (pulls her to the dance floor)

Kevin- Uh... um... (sits down in a chair)
Mari- Embarrassed?
Kevin- Um... a little.
Mari- (laughs a little) You're so cute when you're embarrassed.
Kevin- (chuckles and get onto the dance floor with Mari)
Mari- I think some people are recognizing you. (glances at people stopping and staring at Kevin.)
Kevin- Oh, um, better now than earlier. Ha... ha.

(They dance for a while, and meanwhile Jackie just sits on the side, watching them dance she smiles and lightly chuckles to herself when she sees Nick blush. She grabbed her orange soda and sipped it until a random boy came up to her and sat next to her.)
???- Hi.
Jackie- Hey...
???- I saw you all alone and I... I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Michael. (puts out his hand)
Jackie- It's okay, I'm Jackie. (shakes his hand nervously, he seemed familiar.) Have I met you before?
Michael- I don't know. Who knows? I have moved around a lot when I was little.
Jackie- (thinking to herself) He's pretty hot. What am I saying? I just met him... even though he seems weirdly familiar. (normal) Yeah, I have lived in New Jersey my whole life.
Michael- Hmm. I was there in seventh and eighth grade. I lived in Westerville. [A.N. made up... maybe there is a Westerville haha.]
Jackie- (spits out soda onto the floor) WHAT?! I mean, I live in Westerville!
Michael- It's a small world. I knew I recognized you from somewhere.
Jackie- Oh my god! You're Michael Patterson!

Say who? lol part l8r