Every Once In A While (A Jonas Love Story) Chapter 29

Every Once In A While (A Jonas Love Story) Chapter 29 from youtube by MyJonasBrothersXOXO
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Chapter 29-

(I'm gonna skip a couple of days because I wanna finish camp soon and get on to real life... so yeah. 5 days later. Mari woke up before everyone else. She glances out the door and spots a flyer on the cabin door and grabs it. Her eyes widen and runs into boy's room.)
Mari- (come running in with a pink flyer) JOE! NICK! KEVY! GET UP!
Kevin- NYAH! (falls out of bed)
Mari- (laughing)
Kevin- Not funny. Now what is it? (he is wearing an undershirt and boxers)
Mari- Get dressed and maybe I'll tell you. (snickers and walks out)
(Kevin gets up and tries to wake up Joe and Nick, no success. He takes a shower and get dressed. 10 minutes later a very sleepy Ashley, Jackie and Virginia come in in their pajamas.)
Ashley- What do you want us for? (scratches back and yawns)
Virginia- Who knows. (lays down on bed next to Nick and closes her eyes)
Jackie- 5 more minutes. (yawns and sits down in chair)
Mari- There is a dance coming up tomorrow. The day before camp finishes.
Virginia, Jackie, Ashley, and Kevin- WHAT?!
(They say that so loud Nick and Joe immediately wake up.)
Nick and Joe- AAAAAAHH!!! (they land on the ground with a bang.)
Nick- Could have warned us! We need to get dressed! (stands up shirtless and with a pair of pants on, grabs a shirt and walks into the bathroom)
Joe- Shut up Nick, we were asleep. (stands up also shirtless and with pants.)
Virginia and Ashley- (dazed) H...Hey.
Kevin- Joe get dressed!
Joe- (sarcastic) Nooo... But Nick's in the bathroom right now!
Kevin- Then just put a shirt on! For crying out loud!
Joe- (grabs shirt and pulls it on) Shut up Kevin. Now what is so 'WHAT?!' worthy? (grabs a bag of chips and eats them)
Mari- There is a dance tomorrow.
Joe- (stops eating and chokes on chip) WHAT?!
Nick- (from bathroom) WHAT?!
Mari- And it says to dress formally.
Jackie- Let's just hope Joe doesn't break anything...
Kevin- (laughing a lot)
Nick- (from bathroom) HAHAHA!
Nick- (comes out with his hair all wet and dressed) You shut up Joe! I'm actually CAREFUL at parties.
Joe- Ugh.
Kevin- I think we know who's going with whom.
Joe- YEAH! (grabs Ashley and kisses her) WHAT DO YOU THINK?!
Kevin- Mari, will you go to the dance with me?
Mari- Of course.
Nick- That leaves me with two choices! I pick... JACKIE!
Jackie and Virginia- (angry) NICK!
Nick- Haha. Just kidding.
Jackie- Good, because personally, I wanna go by myself, and SHE'S YOUR GIRLFRIEND! (points at Virginia)
Virginia- (sarcastic) Well, yeah. He picked you. He likes you better. Pssh! (fake pouts)
Nick- Aw, you know I won't pick anyone else! (goes to hug Virginia)
Virginia- Nice try. (leaves the hug hanging)
Jackie- BUT I'LL TAKE THE HUG! (hugs him)
Nick- Haha. (hugs her back)
Virginia- Ha. I left your hug hanging.
Nick- Not funny. (sits down and pulls Virginia onto his lap)
Joe- I'll be right back. (walks off grabbing his acoustic guitar on the way)
Ashley- Where's he off to?
Nick- I don't know.
Kevin- Weird. I heard him playing around with some chords last night.
Mari- Really weird. Does he usually write songs?
Nick- No, usually I have to help him. When he does it by himself—YOW!
Ashley- It's that bad?
Nick- Can be. Depends. I think you should leave him alone unless you need to see him. He doesn't usually get this way.
Mari- Hmm...
(With Joe. He's sitting on the shore they were at about a week before staring at the lake, thinking. [A.N. I KNOW RIGHT? JOE JONAS THINK?! Okay...] He looked down at some lyrics and chords written down in his notebook and sighed. He hoped he could finish this before the end of camp. He stared at the guitar. He wanted to let Ashley know that he really did love her. He shook his head at his thoughts. Just finish this, he thought, just finish this. He grabbed the guitar and strummed on it for a while. He figured out a melody and started thinking of lyrics. Once he started strumming, the lyrics streamed out of his mind, through his mouth and onto the paper. He sat there singing and writing for a couple of hours until he had written a whole song. It was now getting dark and he started to wrap it up. He looked up at the very cloudy sky and shivered in the cold. Afraid it was going to rain; he quickly perfected and memorized the tune and chords until he thought his song was just about perfect. He smiled to himself and closed his notebook. Joe ran through the song once again and sighed. He breathed in the fresh, crisp air and stood up. He bent over to pick up his guitar and looked at the sky. The clouds that had been there about 5 minutes ago had gone away leaving a sky painted with different colors and hues. Looking across the lake, the sun was a bright red-orange and was slowly sinking beneath the water and trees. He just then realized he had been there all day. He gathered his things and guitar in hand, walked over to the cabin smiling with a lot of satisfaction.)
Awww,joes so sweet, he made the clouds go away... WHAT?! A DANCE?!