Every Once In A While (A Jonas Love Story) Chapter 26

Every Once In A While (A Jonas Love Story) Chapter 26 from youtube by MyJonasBrothersXOXO
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Chapter 26-

(The two heard footsteps approaching. Nick hid Virginia behind him and looked up. He saw Jackie staring down at him smiling.)
Jackie- Virginia you can come out now.
Virginia- Huh? (come out from behind Nick) Hee hee. So, what's up?
Jackie- (laughs) we're trying to find you.
Nick- Why?
Virginia- Ugh! Will she ever give up?
Nick- What?
Jackie- Apparently not.
Nick- Will someone PLEASE tell me what is going on!
Virginia- (explains to Nick)
Nick- What's she so mad about? It's just a joke!
Jackie- (laughs) Who knows?
Virginia- I think we've played that trick too many times! (laughs sarcastically)
Nick- I think we better go hide somewhere else.
Jackie- Haha. Yeah, can I come with?
Nick- Sure. Come on!
Jackie- UH OH! I see Joe.
Nick- Haha. Watch this. Virginia stand over there. (points to rock out in the open and Virginia goes there. Nick sneaks up behind Joe and Ashley.)
Joe- ASHLEY! I F—(hand goes over his mouth)
Ashley- (crosses her arms and muffled talking)
Joe- (lick's Nick's hand)
Nick- EW! GROSS JOE! (wipes his hand on Joe)
Joe- Haha.
Ashley- (laughs) Look at Mari.
(They look to see Mari about 100 yards away going around tree to tree as if searching every square inch of ground. Kevin is just laughing and rolling his eyes. He sits down watching Mari.)
Joe- Let's ditch them.
Ashley- Good idea. (jumps into his arms)
Joe- You coming?
Virginia- Are you kidding? Of course! (jumps into Nick's arms)
Jackie- Can some strong boy carry me too? (puppy pouts)
Nick- Sorry, it only works when Virginia does it. (chuckles lightly)
Joe- I'm not carrying you this time. I carried you last time. (puts Ashley down, picks up Jackie and puts her on Nick's back)
Nick- UGH! (collapses with Jackie and Virginia on him)
Jackie- (gets up) I think I'll run.
Virginia- No I'll run, Nick hold her.
Nick- Okay, fine. (puts Jackie onto his back)
Joe- Okay, (picks up Ashley again) let's go before they see us! (runs away)
Nick- Right! (starts running)
Jackie- (smiling and looking back at Virginia) Nick JONAS is carrying me! (squeals)
Virginia- (laughs) Okay, WAIT UP! (runs off after them)

(With Mari and Kevin)
Mari- (searching high and low) WHERE IS SHE?!
Kevin- (sitting and drinking a red bull) She probably won't respond to that. (laughs and pulls out his cell phone)
Mari- Are you going to help?!
Kevin- Um, no! You're searching for no reason. (rolls eyes and texts someone)
Mari- Hey! It was a mean joke! (laughs) JOE! ASHLEY! JACKIE! COME BACK!!
(She waits a few seconds, but doesn't hear a reply.)
Kevin- I think they ditched us. (texts some more)
Mari- Thanks for stating the obvious.
Kevin- Thanks, it's my job. (looks down at phone and texts again)
Mari- Who are you texting?
Kevin- My friend.
Mari- What friend?
Kevin- My best friend.
Mari- (laughs) That's very specific.
Kevin- My friend Ryan. I've known him for a long time, since fourth grade.
Mari- (sits down next to him) What's he saying?
Kevin- Nothing much. We just said 'hi' and now we're talking about life I guess. Nothing specific. But there's not much signal here.
Mari- Hmm. Cool. (gets up) Let's go find the rest of the people.
Kevin- (sarcastically) Wish us luck! (puts his phone away and walks with Mari to find everyone else.)

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