Every Once In A While (A Jonas Love Story) Chapter 17

Every Once In A While (A Jonas Love Story) Chapter 17 from youtube by MyJonasBrothersXOXO
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Chapter 17-

Normal POV:

Ashley woke up. She found herself lying on a bed in the hospital. She lay on her back with her eyes closed. She heard some talking and opened one eye. The TV was on and it was playing iCarly. She flipped around to feel a body next to her. She looked up into a pair of warm chocolate brown eyes staring comfortingly down at her.
Joe- Hello beautiful.
(Joe had had his bandage on his chin taken off and what was left was just a scratch)
Ashley- Joe...
Joe- Hey. (pulled her in for a hug)
Ashley- Was that you?
Joe- Was that me what?
Ashley- My dream. Were you the one that said I love you?
Joe- Oh, you heard me?
Ashley- Yes. I did.
Joe- Are you okay?
Ashley- I... I think so...
Joe- (kisses her head and runs his fingers in her hair)
Ashley- I'm sorry.
Joe- For what?
Ashley- For acting like a drama queen. I was over-reacting I was just worr--
(Ashley was cut off by Joe's lips crashing into hers. Joe kissed her with passion and he touched her hand and a spark flew. Ashley never wanted to it to end. She kissed back with as much passion until they pulled apart. Ashley smiled wide and hugged Joe. She let a silent tear fall onto Joe's shoulder. Joe pulled apart and wiped her tear away.)
Joe- I know you were worried. It's okay to be worried. But just don't beat yourself up for it.
Ashley- I know now. I just couldn't bear to see you like this.
Joe- I am like this because I was protecting you. I couldn't have you be in my place.
Ashley- Awww, Joe, that's so sweet. You can be so serious when you want to be. I love you.
Joe- Yeah, I love me too.
Ashley- (looks at him and laughs)
Joe- (smiles)
Ashley- It's all good.

(From window, the rest are watching)
Virginia- Awww, that's so sweet of him.
Mari- I know! He can be the sweetest person on the planet sometimes!
Nick and Kevin- (clear throats)
Virginia- You guys are the second nicest guys.
Nick- WHAT?!
Virginia- I'm kidding! You're the first! Calm down Nicky bear.
Mari and Kevin- (laughing) Nicky bear?
Virginia- Shut up! (blushes)
Mari- Come on Kevy. (drags Kevin inside but not fast enough...)
Virginia and Nick- (laughing) KEVY?!
Mari- (rolls her eyes and enters the room)
(Virginia and Nick follow in laughing like crazy. Joe and Ashley stare at them like they turned into aliens.)
Virginia- (in between laughs) Mari... Kevin... name... Kevy... HAHAHA!!!
Nick- (calm now) Anyway, what's new?
Joe- Nothing.
Doctor- (comes in) Joseph, how are you feeling? Any pain?
Joe- Actually, I'm feeling really good.
Doctor- Good. Because we can send you back earlier than expected.
Joe- YES!
Doctor- I knew you'd be glad. We told wildlife rangers [A.N. is that right?] about your attack and they have been searching the area for that mountain lion so no one else gets hurt.
Joe- Okay. Cool.
Doctor- You can pack up and head on back to camp now.
Joe- Thank you doctor.
Doctor- No problem. Just make sure to keep the bandages on for another week. (leaves)
Ashley- YAY! You're coming back now!
Joe- Yeah!

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