Eniko had Kevin Hart the Cheater CURVE Bad B**ch @ Jay-Z 40/40 Club RECEIPTS & Video Proof ❌

Eniko had Kevin Hart the Cheater CURVE Bad B**ch @ Jay-Z 40/40 Club RECEIPTS & Video Proof ❌ from youtube by PetTeaBlog
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Full STORY here: https://youtu.be/LG14q1-vfuE

Kevin Hart cheated on his wife Eniko Hart with Montia Sabbag a travelling dancer who had a secretly filmed encounter with him in Las Vegas, NV & tries to extort $15 Million out of him to STOP the footage from being released. Well, in a twisted turn of events I am talking about myself... I tell my story of my encounter with the 2 of them back in 2012 in Atlantic City, NJ which was nothing NICE! I CAN'T MAKE THIS UP & luckily I happen to have pictures, videos, footage and receipts for days smh

Here's the link for the FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/LG14q1-vfuE
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He basically PINEAPPLED me because Eniko Parrish was in her feelings because I took a picture with him and wanted to retake it in which she STOPPED from happening, to the point that the next day when I saw him again he remembered me & tried to avoid being in my selfie shots (Little ol' me though?) WTF 😂😂😂 But it's all good, my sister and I partied like a ROCKSTAR with the white boy NFL Football players !!! lol
I still have no idea why she was felt threa'tened by my ugly nobody azz lol but seriously !!!!!
The insecure way that she acted that night is probably the exact reason he cheats now.... because I wasn't even that BAD and she did that so imagine how she acts when he's in the presence of some fake body part barbie baddies ..... hmmmm
He should have left her in the hotel room lol then he would have had more fun in the club that night .....I'm Just saying....
But then again exactly what happened in Las Vegas between him and Montiah is clearly what she FEARED !!!!

(Yes I know I was ugly or whatever, so no need to remind me....LMAO!)

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